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Foreign language, Language Arts, Physical Education/Health, Science/Math

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Cantaré Music

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Sing and dance on this Latin American tour exploring the Indigenous, European and African cultures that shape its music. Share Cantaré’s captivating Spanish and Portuguese songs and rhythms and experience fascinating instruments - donkey jaw, goat toenail rattle and armadillo shell guitar. Themed programs include Carnaval, Navidad, Rainforest, Native American Roots and Latin American Folktales). Performance highlights include National Museum of Women in the Arts, Kennedy Center, Strathmore, Smithsonian Discovery Theater and Wolf Trap.

The Washington Area Music Association nominated Cantaré 7 times for Best Children’s Group or Best Latin Group, and Cecilia Esquivel 5 times for Best Latino Vocalist. She received the WAMMIE award in 2004, 2007 and 2008. Cantaré is a 2006 Parents’ Choice Recommended award winner for their CD, Al Agua Pato. A larger ensemble is also available. Winter discount.

"A brilliant tribute to Latin American music.... highly talented..a dazzling variety of instruments."

     - Joseph McLellan, WASHINGTON POST 

$650 single show / $800 back-to-back shows

Fees above are for school daytime programs in Maryland, Washington, DC and northern Virginia only.  Evening, weekend, workshop and non-school fees differ - please contact us.
*Travel fees are additional 
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Cantaré Biography and Awards

Cecilia Esquivel

In her native Argentina, Cecilia Esquivel studied at the National Conservatory of Music. She moved to Washington in 1984 to continue her studies in vocal performance.

Cecilia holds a BA in Music Performance from the University of Maryland, where she studied classical vocal performance under Carmen Balthrop and jazz under Ronnie Wells and Ron Elliston. She also holds an MSW degree from the Catholic University of America. In her performances and workshops, she combines her knowledge of music and social work to reach individuals with a variety of learning styles, educational challenges and emotional difficulties.

As a member of Cantaré, Cecilia performs Latin American music for audiences of all ages in schools, libraries, festivals and major public venues. She also teaches workshops and residencies.

In addition, Cecilia is very active in the Washington area music scene. She performs both as a soloist and with ensembles, and does studio work as a singer, arranger and recording producer. Her work has earned her repeated recognition from the Washington Area Music Association (see Awards below).



Washinton Area Music AssociationWashinton Area Music Association

  • 2010 WAMMIE Nominee - Best Latin Music Vocalist, Cecilia Esquivel
  • 2009 WAMMIE Nominee - Best Latin Music Vocalist, Cecilia Esquivel
  • 2008 WAMMIE Winner - Best Latin Music Vocalist, Cecilia Esquivel
  • 2007 WAMMIE Winner - Best Latin Music Vocalist, Cecilia Esquivel
  • 2006 WAMMIE Nominee - Latin Music Duo, Cantaré
  • 2006 WAMMIE Nominee - Latin Music Recording, Evaluna
  • 2005 WAMMIE Nominee - Children's Music Duo, Cantaré
  • 2005 WAMMIE Nominee - Children's Music Recording, Al Agua Pato
  • 2004 WAMMIE Winner - Best Latin Music Vocalist, Cecilia Esquivel
  • 2004 WAMMIE Nominee - Children's Music Duo, Cantaré
  • 2004 WAMMIE Nominee - Latin Music Duo/Group, Cantaré
  • 2003 WAMMIE Nominee - Children's Music Duo/Group, Cantaré

Parents' Choice Foundation

2006 Winner of a Parents’ Choice Award for Al Agua Pato CD

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Audiences are transported to Latin America to experience the many rhythms and unique instruments from different regions.

Experience the excitement of Carnaval (the Latin American version of Mardi Gras) with joyful rhythms from different Carnaval traditions.

Music and magical tales from the heart of the rainforest.

Take a journey back in time to experience the rich music and culture of the Indigenous people of Latin America.

Enjoy songs and stories from holiday traditions rooted in our Indigenous, African and European heritage.

Children are transported to Latin America to participate in interactive folktales.

A fun activity for a school or workplace International Day.

A good complement for any musical or cultural activity.

Learn how African cultures influenced and inspired fascinating rhythms, instruments and musical styles of South America and the Caribbean.

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